looping pedal

Amazing Looping Pedal for under $200

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What’s A Looping Pedal

Have you ever heard a solo musician seemingly back themselves with a full ensemble on stage and wondered how they did it? Theres a chance they could be playing along with pre-recorded backing tracks but it’s more likely they are using  a looper pedal, a live performance tool that lets musicians create layers of sound.

Looping Pedal Video Review

looping pedal

The donner circle looper is incredibly easy to use!

Theres no huge manual to read through. The layout is easy to follow and I was looping in minutes. Many loopers I purchased some being 5 times the price just did my head in and some froze which was very frustrating.


  • A looper
  • A Drum Machine with 100 Styles
  • A metronome

A loop pedal, or looper pedal, is an electronic device that creates instant recordings of a musical performance and plays those recordings back in real-time. This gives the musician  an opportunity to  create a soundscape of ideas or parts based on their own performances in the room.

Loop pedals or stomp boxes sit on the floor, and players activate them with their feet.

Some of today’s compact looping pedals are no bigger than any other guitar effects pedal, while providing many minutes of recording time and nearly unlimited overdubs.

I have tried many looping pedals ranging in price from $450 to $1200.

Some I have been very disappointed with until I discovered the Donner Circle Looping Pedal.

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Loopers are very popular for live use but many guitarist’s don’t realise what a handy practice tool they can be. Especially for improving timing and working on your improvisation skills.

If your a beginner or looking to get into the world of looping this pedal is the perfect companion.

It’s almost like you have a playing partner on tap 24-7 to play along with.

Check out the Donner Circle Looper I dont think you will be disappointed !