Why Online Guitar Lessons Might Be The Best Thing For Youngsters During Lockdown

Parents deal with tough choices to make during covid when it comes to finding suitable activities for their kids so what makes online guitar lessons such an attractive option?

Choosing which lessons to cut or take on during covid  raises many questions for parents and it can be a little tricky to decide. Many extracurricular programs have moved online even schools themselves are designing online curriculums. Many activities such as guitar lessons lend themselves to a virtual style of learning guitar online. There’s absolutely nothing that will change the feeling of making music in a band situation but its the actual quality of the lessons that counts when Kids are learning the guitar.  Making experiences more enjoyable when it comes to playing and practicing is a key component of Kids Guitar Dojo.

Lets see why online guitar lessons are  feasible in our Zoom-centric world.


There are a few books on the subject of kids guitar lessons and many rather impromptu videos lessons on Youtube. However Kids Guitar Dojo has found innovative ways to continue offering music education to youngsters and teens in more cohesive environment.

“Social distancing has really made it simpler for some youngsters to focus on their music lessons,” In reality they have even more time to practice, and also they’re happy to have something from ‘typical life’ to look forward to weekly.”

Below are four important things that music lessons offer beyond the notes and tunes

1. They give children a feeling of normality.

Online music lessons indicate that kids and also teens don’t have to miss out on a cherished activity. They can continue to proceed, whether they’re discovering tunes like Happy Birthday, a classical piece or leaning popular tunes they love and hear on the radio. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Celebrity” or Chopin.

2. They Provide A Creative Outlet.

Whether your child or teenager wants to grow up to be a pop sensation or the next guitar hero music and songs gives them a much-needed innovative outlet. Lots of youngsters are attracted to the guitar because they wish to express themselves- and playing music gives them a “universal language” beyond words. For children who might typically be a lot more reserved, playing an instrument can be a method to link to and reveal emotions. This particularly apparent with kids on teh spectrum, ADHD or Dyslexia.

Private lessons offer a risk-free area for youths to try brand-new things as well as learn that making a mistake is part of the learning process. Repetition is just part of developing muscle memory, and they can begin to understand this.

3. They let young beginners make choices 

Music lessons educate autonomy and foster freedom in a healthy and balanced means. Individual lessons, like those offered by Kids Guitar Dojo offer kids the chance to self-direct their own learning in a fun inspiring environment where gamification is used as a tool to inspire daily practice. They unknowingly see that a practice session stimulates both sides of their brains.

4. Learning Life lessons along the way.

Online guitar lessons create a secure area for youngsters to attempt new things without feeling the intimidation of being in a group. They still get the One on One lesson experience without parents stressing over getting them to and from home. Developing a partnership with a trusted adult is important for kids so finding the right program is crucial.